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These virtual panel discussions are all about providing members with great answers to topical questions each month. Even though it's not the same as all of us being in the same room together for a lively discussion, these sessions are a welcome interlude to hear the questions and answers that are on everyone's mind. And it's really good to see everybody!

If you have questions, we ask that you provide them when you register. But follow-up questions and input are still welcome - attendees can add their own insights to the discussion through the online chat during the discussion, or by un-muting themselves and interjecting with the featured panel.

Once you register, you'll be provided with a link to join the discussion via a Zoom meeting. You can access Zoom via a laptop, PC, tablet, or even a smartphone. Or you could just call in.

If you attend the entire session, you can earn half a point toward your MiCPT re-certification. Just remember to keep track of your points, just like all the other education you attend. Attendance rosters and point tally sheets will be kept under the Resources tab for your reference and download.

Notices and registration post about two weeks prior to a Treasurer-to-Treasurer discussion; view the Event Calendar (shown at right) to see if a session is available. 

2022 Treasurer-to-Treasurer Sessions

For a limited time only: register now to receive all 2022 Treasurer-to-Treasurer sessions for one price of $100. This will save you the trouble of registering every month that there's a session, too. Simply register now and you'll automatically receive reminders of each session along with the meeting link. And if you miss a session, there will be a video you can watch so you don't miss a thing. Sessions will also be available for individual registration about two weeks prior to each session for only $15 each.

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Materials from 2021 Treasurer-to-Treasurer Sessions

  • November 10, 2021

         ISD Share
         OPRA Collections
        Tax Payment Distribution
        State Form 3865 Voucher
        State Payment Voucher F3865
        Records Retention 1
        Records Retention 2
        GR Sample OPRA Current
        GR Sample OPRA Delinquent
        GR Sample
        SOM Retention Schedule Link
        MSU Extension Presentation - How to Spend ARPA Funds with a revenue/loss calculation here
        ARPA Calculator on MGFOA Site

  • October 13, 2021
        Record Retention Form
  • August 4, 2021
  • July 7
  • June 9
  • March 10, 2021

    Tax Collection Spreadsheet Sample
    Who Gets What - Interest & Penalty Info
    Public Act 20 (investments)

    Record Retention Schedules for Treasurers
    -- General record retention schedules for local government
    -- Township
    -- City/Village
    -- County
    Coronavirus relief package - funding estimatesPlease NOTE final formula allocations will be developed by the U.S. Department of the Treasury once the legislation is signed into law and may differ from the estimated amounts provided. Villages also don't appear on this list; here's what Chris Hackbarth from the MML explained: [Villages] are supposed to…we [the MML] have not shared any lists yet because of the issues that are still being worked out with these congressional committee estimates. We have been told that ALL local units, including Michigan’s villages will receive an allocation under this funding. We are working with our partners at the National League of Cities to get the estimate lists updated to reflect Michigan’s villages. As soon as we have a solid list, we will share it. I would caution using the estimates listed on that sheet for any of the non-entitlement communities since the numbers may change as the corrections are made to Michigan and other states. The CDBG/entitlement estimates and the state’s overall estimate seem to be fairly solid.
  • February 10, 2021: Chat Notes, Sample Depository Designation, MCL 211.43b Depository Designation, MCL 211.44 Statutory Hours, MTA OMA FAQSummer Tax Deferment FAQ
  • January 6, 2021Striking Delinquent Personal Property Tax
  • Legislative Updates -  Information on the Rafaeli case regarding the retention of tax foreclosure proceeds.

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