PRIME Award - 2023

The PRIME is MMTA's most prestigious honor, and stands for: Professional Recognition In Municipal Excellence (PRIME). The PRIME recognizes individuals who have shown distinguished service in their professions, communities, and the Michigan Municipal Treasurers Association. Since 1989, the MMTA has recognized 35 outstanding individuals who exemplified these attributes.

2023 PRIME voting for this year's honoree will open August 4 and close August 18. Each MMTA member will receive an email with a secure link to vote online. The 2023 PRIME Award is presented during Fall Conference at the Grand Traverse Resort during the Awards Banquet on Tuesday, September 26.

2023 PRIME nominees include Anthony Moggio and Julie Pray - you can review their biographical information below. Congratulations to the PRIME candidates - their accomplishments are impressive!

Anthony Moggio

Anthony Moggio currently holds the position of Finance Director and Treasurer for the City of Rochester, a role he has held since 2021. In this role, he manages the city’s budget, financial planning, strategic planning, and capital planning. His extensive knowledge in finance has allowed him to significantly improve the city’s fiscal stability and the efficiency of its operations. Anthony first started working in the City’s finance department in 2009.

Anthony’s passion for public service has always been a driving force throughout his career. His municipal job experience began shortly after he graduated from Oakland Community College with an associate degree in business and subsequently earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Oakland University.

At just 24 years old, Anthony first entered the entrepreneurial world by purchasing his first business. This early experience in the business world gave him invaluable insights into the workings of private sector operations, financial management, and entrepreneurship. It honed his skills in strategic planning, business development, and fiscal responsibility, which later became incredibly useful in his municipal roles. While his non-municipal experience may seem brief, it was formative and instrumental in shaping his professional trajectory. The lessons and skills he gained during this period continue to influence his approach to his work in the public sector.

However, Anthony found his true calling in public service and embarked on a career that allows him to utilize his financial acumen to benefit his community.

Apart from his financial role at the City, Anthony has been a dedicated member of the Rochester Fire Department for over 20 years, where he holds the rank of Captain. His participation on the department has seen him implement critical changes, form a drone team, and run numerous emergency responses. This diverse role has enabled him to understand the operational side of municipal work, adding another layer to his comprehensive understanding of city operations.

Anthony’s career in public service exemplifies his commitment to his community and showcases his multifaceted skills in both finance and emergency services.

Anthony Moggio has led several major projects for the City of Rochester that demonstrate his dedication to improving community life, as well as his analytical and innovative thinking abilities.

  • Full-time Fire Department Transition: Anthony played an integral role in the transition of the Rochester Fire Department from volunteer and paid on-call models to a hybrid full-time model. He successfully applied for the SAFER grant that funded a large portion of the fire department’s transition over a three-year period, easing the financial burden and giving time to secure funding once the grant expired.
  • All-Abilities Park: Anthony sourced $797,000 in direct federal funding to create an All-Abilities Park in the city, a facility designed to bring together people of all ages and abilities to experience the joy of outside play. His understanding of funding opportunities and his dedication to enhancing the city’s community assets were crucial to bringing this project to life.
  • LED Conversion and Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: As part of his commitment to green initiatives, Anthony spearheaded the project of converting city streetlights and facility lights to energy-efficient LED bulbs. His efforts went beyond that, also setting up electric vehicle charging stations throughout the city, even though it fell under a department outside his official jurisdiction. His ability to transcend departmental boundaries to get projects done shows his commitment to the city’s best interests.
  • COVID-19 Response: Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Anthony developed new processes and procedures to continue to deliver best-in-class services to the residents of Rochester. This included implementing a work-from-home process for employees who would have had direct contact with residents, managing remote access for both staff and residents during restrictions on in-person transactions, and launching the Senior Concierge Service for the CDC’s at-risk categories.
  • Career Development Program: Anthony is also currently working with a local university on a groundbreaking career development program. High school graduates are offered scholarships and the opportunity to intern in various city departments while pursuing their bachelor degree. This program aims to provide real-world, hands-on experience in public service to future professionals, which is not only beneficial for the students but also for the public sector workforce.

In each of these projects, Anthony demonstrated leadership, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to serving his community, proving his worth as a dedicated and accomplished public servant.

Anthony holds a number of certifications, earning the MiCPT (Michigan Certified Professional Treasurer) and CPFA (Certified Public Finance Administrator) in 2019, and the ACPFIM (Advanced Certified Public Funds Investment Manager) in 2017.

Anthony has a significant history of involvement in numerous professional organizations:

  • In the past, he served on the board of the Oakland County Treasurer’s Association, contributing to the education of treasurers in Oakland County.
  • Anthony has been a dedicated member of the Rochester Fire Department for over 20 years, spearheading several initiatives including the formation of one of the first State validated drone response teams comprised of multiple departments and counties.
  • He’s an integral member of the Oakland County Tech Rescue Team, managed by MABAS. Assisting in getting resources and equipment deployed as well as volunteering to help other municipalities pre-plan events. In addition to his role here, Anthony also holds a significant position in the Department of Homeland Security’s Incident Management Team, serving as the Finance Section Chief. In both capacities, his role is critical to managing financial aspects of emergencies and contributing to recovery efforts post incidents across the State.
  • Anthony plays an active role in the Michigan Municipal Treasurers Association (MMTA). He has served as a voting board member since 2019, contributing to policy decisions. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he acted as the Communications Chair, ensuring all members were informed about crucial dates and grant opportunities. He has also served as Legislative Chair and is the current Education Chair, responsible for assisting in coordinating the Association’s Basic Institute and other educational events.

Throughout his career, Anthony’s participation in these organizations showcases his dedication to public service, and his ability to utilize his financial expertise in various contexts for the benefit of his community.

Anthony has become a ‘go-to’ person for anything regarding finance and treasury due to his experience and his quest for information and knowledge. His financial expertise benefits the City of Rochester daily but his generosity to share his knowledge spreads further than City boundaries as he also plays an active role in advising and educating Treasurers and financial professionals. Anthony is an incredibly talented leader, is well respected by his peers and community for his commitment of service, and he embraces his most important role as husband and loving father to his two children.

Julie Pray

Julie Pray was appointed the Treasurer of the City of Davison in 2013. At the City, she has a dual role, also serving as the Finance Director. Prior to joining the City, Julie gained over 25 years of experience as an Accountant for accounting firms and a non-profit organization.

Julie has also served her community by helping individuals with their individual tax returns through her own tax preparation business.

Julie became a member of MMTA in 2013 shortly after being appointed Treasurer in the City of Davison. She was appointed to the Board of Directors as the Parliamentarian in 2017 and has served as a Director since 2018, as well as Secretary and the current Treasurer of the organization. Julie is dedicated to the organization, serving as a member on many different committees as well as chair of both the Legislative and Membership Committee. Her favorite role with MMTA is being a mentor for new treasurers, saying that “I want every treasurer to know there is someone on their side.”

Julie is an active volunteer, and is a member of both the MGFOA (Michigan Government Finance Officers Association) and APT US&C (Association of Public Treasurers of the U.S. and Canada). She serves on the Board of Directors as Secretary for three non-profit senior living communities in the Davison area. She is also an active member of her local Treasurer’s Association, serving on the Board of Directors.

Julie earned her BBA with a major in Accounting from the University of Michigan and holds several certifications. She was awarded the MiCPT (Michigan Certified Professional Treasurer) in 2016, the CPFA (Certified Public Finance Administrator) in 2018, the Advanced CPFA this year, and an ACPFIM (Advanced Certified Public Funds Investment Manager) in 2021.

Julie has been married for 34 years to her best friend Greg. Together they have three adult children, two of whom are married, providing the family with bonus children. She loves spending time with family, traveling, reading and taking walks.

Julie is incredibly dedicated to sharing her knowledge and has the ability and willingness to help others with great patience. In a mentor role, she has proved to be an asset to her mentee’s careers and serves as a role model, representing MMTA with great pride.