The Michigan Municipal Treasurers Association (MMTA) is a nonprofit organization for treasury professionals. Our objective is to be dedicated to the development of our municipal treasury members by providing education, information, and networking opportunities. We are dedicated to providing a forum for our members to exchange ideas and concepts.

MMTA Fall Conference

MMTA Updates

Treasurer-to-Treasurer - The next informative panel discussion is February 9 from 10:30 to 11:30. The remaining seven Treasurer-to-Treasurer sessions are available in the 2022 Bundle for just $100 (click for dates and more info). You can register now for the bundle of all sessions; the single February session will be available soon. 

2022 Institute Registrations are now open. If you're interested in starting or continuing your Basic Institute training, click here. If you've already graduated from your three years of Basic, check out Advanced Institute or register for it here

Fiscal Assistance Information - ARPA Estimated Allocations to Non-Entitlement Communities; make sure to review how municipalities can prepare to receive funding. PILT information, Act 51 MTF Revenue/Allocations, State Revenue Sharing. A resource for your residents for their mortgage or tax payments is the Step Forward Michigan program or the Pay as You Stay (PAYS) general info and taxpayers guideRight-of-way (ROWS) fund guidelines.