Advanced Institute


Offered each spring to provide continuing education for those who have completed Basic Institute. Presenters provide in-depth topics to help attendees challenge themselves and gain the tools necessary to further their understanding of public treasury and aid in their professional growth. Attendees value the educational offerings as well as the ability to revisit and strengthen their professional relationships that they started in Basic. Advanced Institute is only open to municipal members of MMTA who have graduated from Basic Institute. Registration fee is $379 for two and a half days of training, including most meals (attendees have the opportunity on Tuesday evening to network and have dinner on their own).

Upcoming Dates

May 8-10, 2024: DoubleTree Riverfront, Bay City [Wednesday - Friday] - More Information

Advanced Attendee Comments...

“I love the networking aspect, connecting with my peers and sharing ideas, knowledge and experiences with each other. I love when the topics of the presentations help make my job easier, more efficient, safer and/or more cost effective.”

 "Always very informative and great way to network.”

“I enjoy coming to institute to see everyone and learn the new things that are going on.”

“Institute is a wonderful opportunity to learn from and connect with my peers as well as the presenters.”

“Networking with fellow treasurers is the best way to learn!”

“The Institute gives me an opportunity to learn about changes in my field, upcoming changes, and best practices. It’s great to network with others in our profession.”

“It is always beneficial to network with our peers and continue our education. I appreciate the support of the organization and the opportunity to learn more.”

“Great learning and networking opportunities. Nice to get with fellow treasurers from different areas.”

“I always come with questions that I can get answered, I learn so much, I get up to speed on new topics.”

“The education we get is wonderful and the relationships we build with each other last a lifetime.”

“Learning from our peers is the best part of it!”

“The ability to share information with fellow members and the great quality of training that is provided at the Advanced Institute.”